BMW Car Club UK
  •   Why can I not log in to my members account?

Please ensure you only use numerics of membership number whilst logging in

The email address that we hold for you is incorrect or you have the wrong password.

You can reset your password by clicking the Forgotten Password? link on the login page. Follow the instructions there. If your email address is incorrect, you will not receive the link, so you must then contact the club office and correct it.

If you have logged in with an incorrect password or user name more than three times, your account will be blocked as a security measure. The solution for this will be posted on here as soon as I am informed of it. (One of those forgotten items in the list of over 3000 when planning a new website - sorry)

  • Why does the member's area require me to log in?

  It is only for members, and we need to know that you are one. If you are logged in, quite a few pages will be visible to you that will not be visible when you are not logged in.

  •   How do I contact the webmaster?

 Click HERE and ask your questions - but only if you have tried hard to find a solution to your problem! Questions will be answered in the order they are received. Response time will depend on how many questions there are, and how much free time the webmaster has.

  • Who does the page editing for the club?

Currently, the temporary webmaster or the girls in the office. From about mid to late September, any register Captains or Regional Chairs can offer the services of one of their group to edit their own pages. This will require a full working knowledge of the editing system after they have received on line training. A manual has been prepared, and will be provided. Their English will also need to be of a good standard, as the current editing system has no spelling or grammar checking. This may change.

  • Will it work on a smart phone and a tablet?

Yes - in both. The menu decomposes into three white bars top left. Touch these and the menu is scrolled below you.