BMW Car Club UK

Each month the members of the club receive a magazine that usually runs to 84 pages.

Sample magazines are below. To view them use the drop down list and then click on an image. Or, if you need to search the mgazines, enter a search term in the Search field and click go.

Try entering "M1" without the ".

Then scroll down to find the answers. Click back to return.

From December 2016, if you are a LOGGED IN member you will be able to view the CURRENT magazine on line by clicking HERE

Link to Join Us page

How to Access the club’s new on line magazine.

  • Click the login button at the top right corner of the home page.

  • Enter your email address, or membership number and password and press return.

  • Unsuccessful login? – See info/FAQ/cannot log in - click here to go there.

  • Successful login? – Click Club/Straight 6/ and then view the item called “Straight Six – E magazine for members."

  • If you are allready logged in to your account.

Then click here or on the image above for the March 2017 issue

Help with controling the view.

  • Holding down the left mouse button anywhere on the page is called “grabbing
  • Slider bars appear if your mouse is in their vicinity, and get bigger when in use.
  • They fade when you move away.

When the magazine loads, you can:

  • Change pages by clicking the on screen arrows right and left
  • Use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate through pages.
  • Grab the right or left side of a page and slide it left or right to turn it.
  • Zoom in or out using the slider bar bottom right or the + and – buttons
  • Go full screen by clicking the square at bottom right
  • When zoomed in, you can grab any bit of a page and move it around.
  • Grab the slider bar at the bottom left to centre and move through the pages quicker.
  • Click on links in the pages and visit the web site URLs listed (they open in a new window – get back to the original page by closing that window. Most links will function including video and pdf.

It is not possible to download the magazine to save it on your computer.

People who are not logged in to our site cannot view the magazine.

To print these instructions

Windows users: hold down Ctrl+P

Apple users: Command-P

Phones – use your usual method.

Comments, bullets questiuons or problems? Submit your feedback here

Expect a reply within 48 hours

It is still a work in progress and improvements in phone access are in the pipeline.

Changes log.

Early December 2016 - two page display selected.

14th December 2016 - phone display with single page display provided as a separate link.

18th december 2016 - two page display removed due to on line viewer limitations.

One link for all devices replaced the two individual ones.