BMW Car Club UK

About BMW Car Club Racing


The BMW Car Club GB will become the official BMW UK championship working with its partners to promote all BMW models old and new currently racing in the British Isles.

BMW Car Club Racing (BMWCCR) will be in partnership with reputable tyre manufacturers with regards to tyre supply and working with other high profile international partners regards sponsorship and parts supply to drivers and members of the BMW Car Club GB.

For 2018 the regulations will allow as many models to compete within classes designed to allow close and clean racing and with the aim to remove many of the barriers for drivers to compete whilst controling budgets for club members who want to enjoy going racing with friends and family.

The club office will be the main point of contact for competitors, supporters and partners. Direct contacts with the coordinators and class representatives will remain available to discuss any questions or concerrns. We want everyone to enjoy racing the BMW Car Club and every effort will be made to develop the offering to adapt to changes, however we will also adhere to each years regulations and driving standards, to ensure that the club atmosphere is kept friendly and we keep as many cars as possible competing all throughthe year.

With this in mind the regulations have been developed following consultation with influential and respected members of the Club and Motorsport community not just within BMW circles. These will develop year on year after consultation with industry experts and the registered competitors.

Please call or email for any additional information or you can get updates on the club website or dedicated Facebook pages.

We all look forward to see full grids of BMWs on track and happy people in the paddock enjoying the racing. Lets all have fun and enjoy racing with our friends and family.