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Centenary Relay Fun Days (August 2016)


 This month I promised you some highlights from the Relay but that will have to wait until another time I’m afraid.


In view of publishing deadlines I am writing this prior to the actual symbolic end to the Around Great Britain Relay at our National Festival. What I can report however is that the two original Batons the Dixi and White i8 actually made it to John O’Groats over the weekend of 23rd/24th July.

As I have mentioned before I do not want to crib anything from the Regions/Registers or steal their thunder. I will let you enjoy reading their articles and commemorative scrapbook pages which incidentally we will try to put on our website, but bear with us as it will be a mammoth task.

It will take me a while to try and calculate the total mileages covered by the Batons and the sums raised for various charities but I estimate both will run into the thousands.

I can guarantee that everyone who took part had oodles of fun, which was the other important ingredient. The fun doesn’t stop here as we still have lots of things to look forward to for the rest of 2016 and beyond. If for whatever reason you felt that you missed out don’t worry because the Batons are still here to enjoy just let me know and we can make them available for you. For example they will make appearances at the M Power event at Bicester Heritage on 2nd October, Croft Track Day 10th October and Oulton Park Track Day 8th November. So as to ensure we have covered all points of the compass one Baton will visit Lowestoft on 14th October which is as you probably know the most Easterly point of Great Britain.

So you see there are still lots of opportunities to have fun using the Batons. How about booking them for a ‘Crazy Bits’? So far that has included such things as being taken up in a light aircraft, going deep down in a Tin Mine, whizzed around a Track during a 24 hour Endurance Race and being eaten by a Dinosaur, (or was that being eaten by a Welsh Dragon)? Is there anyone daft enough to go Skydiving or wing Walking with a Baton?

Initially the Around Great Britain Relay was going to be achieved using just one Baton namely a white i8. This soon expanded into a total of four when the Dixi, a blue i8 and an orange Baby Racer were added to cater for the demand.

At the end of the year once I have calculated as best I can the distances covered by each Baton and the combined total we will hold a competition. There will be separate prizes for those coming closest to my estimate using and extracting all information and facts available to me.

a) Which Baton covered the most mileage and what was the distance it covered.

b) What was the total combined mileage covered by all the Batons.

And finally if some of you have missed the chance of donating to our three chosen Charities and would still like to do so please send a cheque payable to BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd to Aberystwyth with a slip to say it is for a Charity Donation. Hopefully not, but some of us might need help from either Alzheimer’s Society, Prostate Cancer, or Age UK one day.

Keep on enjoying the Club and your BMW and although 2017 will not be a Centenary Year we can promise you it will be just as exciting if not more so with what we are planning.

You can also enjoy reading how the Relay has progressed by looking at the BMW Car Club Web Site.

George Champ

Regions Director And East Anglia Regional Chairman           

BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd