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As more regions get to enjoy taking part in the relay and begin to include stories of how much fun they had it is time for me to pull back a bit and reduce my ramblings. The first opportunity arose on 1st May for East Anglia to take part in a small way at Duxford.


East Anglia, or more accurately myself and Carl Pereira, were able to retrieve the models for a few hours to do a ‘Crazy Bits’ before immediately handing the i8 baton on for Matthew Hunt of our Cambs/Beds. Branch to enjoy it briefly before handing it on to Central, Central West, Cotswolds and the CS Register who all have great plans for the next legs. The Dixi will be off in a different direction as it heads to the Netherlands, yes the Netherlands to attend the Shark-Nose meet.


Carl Pereira one of our members very kindly offered to take myself and both models up for a spin in his Robin 200 light aircraft at a height of 2,600 feet for a distance of about 60 nautical miles (approx. 70 miles). I begged and begged him to do some loop the loops and barrels roles but he steadfastly refused - thank goodness. It was a great trip which gave us a view of well over 200 BMWs within our Duxford display stand which was by far and away the biggest club attending the show. We also flew over some great countryside including Elms BMW showroom at Cambourne they are our regional sponsors and donators of some of our baton models.


More about Duxford elsewhere so just a few photos of the ‘Crazy Bits’ in the meantime.


Up and Away

George and Karl setting off with two batons for a flight over the show at Duxford. No belly rolls were done duringthe flight, despite Geiorge asking for one.

Karl doing pre flight checks.


George about to set off.



George Champ

Regions Director And East Anglia Regional Chairman           

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