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Heading image above -  I don't want my photo taken.

While writing up the relay, I had lots of images and bits of paper that I often did not include on their pages, often because there was not room.

This page includes some of the ones that escaped.

First of all, a wonderfull tribute from Stratstone at Derby.

Colin's new M2 (before he worked out how to close the boot.)

It's mine and I'm proud of it - owned by Neil and Sally Lamb!


Message from Sytner Nottingham

Message from Sytner Sheffield

One for Les, by Angela Barker


And One for me! (in my dreams)

Message from Soper BMW Lincoln


Coffee at Marshalls, Scunthorpe. Steve and Viv in the foreground while Malcolm Zucconi (right) smiles at his wife Jane, chatting to a receptionist.

Pam - "Well I got in but how do I get out?" - photo by Angela Barker.


And finally, a few days later at Howden, on the right sits my social Secretary and wife of many many years, doing what she likes best - Birthday Celebrations. Thanks for all the proof reading Jacqueline!

Got to run now...... or I will...


 miss the Post.(Just in case you thought I was running off with the collection, here is the cheque that I was dashing off to post:

 To be added to the collection made by all regions who took part in the

BMW 100th Birthday Round Britain Relay.

 Note who's cheque it is. You never see me carrying money.

Have fun and drive carefully.