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Relay - Grimsby to Huddersfield

The idea was to travel from Grimsby to Huddersfield visiting the BMW Retailers listed below on the M62 Corridor.

My wife and I stayed overnight at a hotel and arrived at Marshall's Grimsby Road, Laceby, showroom just before 9 on the Saturday morning. We were greeted by club members eager to get started on the event. But not until they had finished their coffee and biscuits, had a look around the showroom and had the usual chat.

A few more arrived in time to see the baton being handed over ready for the off. Marshalls had lettered up their support car ready to lead us to the next showroom and the baton was handed over by Chris to Marshall's M4 series driver Dave Lee watched by Heather on the left. Heather had organised our visit, and drove with us when we moved on to Scunthorpe later.

 Below is the car complete with lettering. Pleased us no end! Sorry for the image quality, which was not helped by the misty grey weather.

Message from Heather Robertson of Marshall

 Message from Heater Robinson.

Marshall Scunthorpe

After a brisk 26 mile trip to Scunthorpe, we arrived some 32 minutes later. Already behind our schedule, we had little time to spend, but we still managed to meet lots of staff members and have a quick coffee. We were greeted by their charming receptionist, Roberta -


before lining up for a photo shoot outside the showroom.

Line up outside the showroom.

Note the BMW Rover special edition fourth from the front!

Our Grimsby Driver, Dave Lee handed ove the batton to Steve Braddock from the Scunthorpe showroom,our next escort.

Handing over the baton at Scunthorpe.

And we were off on a more leisurely run of some 24 miles to Hull

Stratstone BMW Hull

Arriving at Hull, staff were awaiting us, as we had told them we would be a little late. In the car park, we were met by Mr Rob Draper, who accepted the batton from Steve..


We then were invited into the showroom for coffee and cakes supervised by Grace. The Croissants and Rocky Roads went down a treat!.  We also had a dedicated parking area in the car park.

The image shows Peter Waud and his wife being served coffee by one of the receptionists.

Being last in, I managed to get a photo of the two receptionists who had returned to their desk, and were a little shy when it came to modelling.

Then we left for Malton, travelling through Hull's busy streets and trying to keep up with the new 740 Xdrive driven with as BMW would say, "Some enthusiasm" by Stratsones head of business, Mr Rob Draper.

Message from Rob -

The journey of 39 miles took just over an hour, and was one of the most scenic parts of the day. Try it sometime.

  Cooper BMW Malton

The head of business  Chris, at Cooper Malton had had a very busy schedule on the day. He was preparing for the next day, when Coopers were exhibiting at the Castle Howard car show (as were we!)

Despite this, he took the time to greet and welcome us and take possesion of the baton from Mr Rob Draper (left).

Some of our members were waiting for us, including Colin in his brand new M2.together with Alan Jarman and Paul Lightburn. We were now very late and completely behind schedule, so we were handed the baton back and left for York. The trip should have been uneventful, but arriving at a retail park, the sat nav lost track (bit out of date) and it took us a while to find the showroom. However we got there in the end and Peter handed over the baton.

Cooper BMW - York

Peter Waud from the car club hands over the baton to Phil, the i8 Genius from Coopers.

Again, we received a warm welcome, and were invited in for coffee and cakes.

A note from Craig Wallace

There was a large image illustrating the lineage of BMW at the entrance to the showroom. I would have liked to have had more time to study it, but time was pressing.

We drank coffee while chatting to Craig


Then we shot off to Leeds after a hasty goodby to the staff at York, arriving just before 4:00pm.

Stratstone BMW  - Leeds

We were by now way behind schedule, and some members had  been waiting for a while, expecting many more cars to be in our line up. They had to make do with our set of two, as Colin had had to leave early, intending to catch us up at Huddersfield. The yellow car on the left belonged to a member who had been waiting for us. Unfortunately I did not get his name. We still had time, for those of us who had not eaten their fill at earleir visite, to partake of all the little cakes provided by Harri Nota.

Image shows Daniel Shores having just take delivery of the baton from Donna, who looks to be more interested in the E24 than the baton. The full sized i8 which had come from York is on the right.

More staff from Stratstones who came out in support.


Message from Daniel Shores

 And lastly, one of the biggest BMWs on sale at Stratstone BMW, together with its smaller sister.

 On to Huddersfield

Sandal BMW - Huddersfield

On the day, the traffic and distances to be covered, together with prising our crew out at the end of each visit proved just too hard to enable us to keep to our tight schedule, so I rang Huddersfield to speak to Alison to advise her that we would probably not be making it. We arranged to meet on a subsequent day to take the images for the article. One of our members Colin, had left to drop a friend off at home, and was to meet us at Huddersfield. We met up after closing time, just prior to the gates being closed for the evening, and departed in convoy to our local hostelry for a good evening of food and not too much drink. A couple of days later, I was at Sandal BMW Huddersfied, and managed to take the following images, by way of apology.

Firstly, Head of Business Mr Richard Avery (right) accepting the final baton.

The magnificent showroom at Huddersfield, fronted by a line up of electric BMW cars.

Photos at Huddersfield taken by Alison Taylor, their  BMW i Genius.

After the photo shoot it was off to the showroom for coffee.

I hope that you enjoyed the story.

Club members taking part:

Malcolm and Jane Zucconi, Peter and Donna Waud, Wayne Kirman, Viv and Steve Bostock, Chris Lake, Alan Jarman, Colin Cooper, Paul Lightburn, Howard and Jacqueline Walker. Apologies to the other members who attended but did not give us their names.

The next leg was completed by the North East Region, and you can pick up the story by clicking here.










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