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East Anglia Region

First Relay Section to ‘The Bubble Car Museum’

Langrick Lincolnshire 17th July 2016

 Taking part in the Relay using the Blue i8 Baton:

David and Jane Adams                     Silver E46

George and Maggie Champ               Black E88 125i M Sport Convertible

Tony and Jack Reason                      Silver/Blue M5

Graham Rudd and Daughter Nicky     Green 850

Tom Reason                                     E46 320 CD

Richard and Janet Howard                 Black Z4

Eddie and Linda Sargeant                  Green Z3

Martin and his Dad Terry                   Black E30 M3

Nick, Howard and John                      White M3 Convertible

George Swietlik                                Black M3 CSL

Sindy and Ravi Ratini                        Black 850

Michael and Margaret                        Red Z3

John and Martha Tovey                      Black Z4


25 Members took part in 13 cars total mileage for i8 baton 252


We set off from Colchester at 6:45 am to meet up with other members in Ipswich, Suffolk. Five cars then set off to our first stopping off point for full English breakfast at the Angel Café, Baldrys Yard, Diss. Met up with two more cars the convoy was now made up of 2 x E46 saloons, E88 125i M Sport Convertible, E30 M3, M5, 850, Z3.

 A great drive via Thetford Forest to this time meet up with Norfolk members just outside Kings Lynn at Fleet Hargate. The journey was not without its problems, as it seemed as though this was the weekend it had been decided to re surface nearly every road in Suffolk and Norfolk as well as in Lincolnshire.

Great fun was had by everyone trying to erect East Anglia’s relatively new Coleman event shelter or should I say great fun was had by everyone standing watching around doing nothing just watching the fun and games and throwing in the odd helpful bit of advice. I was probably the guiltiest, but I am a Director of the Club and East Anglia Regional Chairman and so I am entitled to just supervise – not.

 Tai Chi practice perhaps?

Done my bit!     


 You hold that while I do this….


(Editor’s note – don’t know if they finished it or gave up the task as no image was sent)

 The Bubble Car museum was not large but it was a little gem and contained a very interesting group of Bubble and Micro Cars.


Boxer engine fitted to a special.

Other memorabilia from the 50’s and 60’s plus Motorcycles all added to the enjoyment. Reasonably priced refreshments and cakes plus a small Gift shop made it worthwhile. I purchased a model BMW Isetta Bubble Car for the Club to go on display at our future Resource Centre. The Museum actually houses a BMW Isetta as well as a Goggomobile.

East Anglia Region second leg of our Relay using the Blue i8 Baton

‘The Three Halls Classic Vehicle Run’ 24th July 2016

Raising funds for the Norfolk Hospice

Difficult to judge the exact numbers (BMWs and Members) taking part. The event was rather large with 150 cars of various makes, so hopefully lots of money raised for the Norfolk Hospice. An estimate of the number of BMWs taking part is 12 with about 18 members in total. What is known for certain is that the Blue i8 Baton covered exactly 199.6 miles.

 Yet again set off from Colchester bright and early in the 2002. Two hours later arrived at the starting place Houghton Hall, already dozens and dozens of other classic cars there. Met up with other club members about a dozen in total very hard to all stick together as the leaving was a bit of a free for all. The organisation was a little lacking but this all added to the fun. Many cars got lost and often you would see an E-Type Jaguar or Austin 7 which set off before you heading back towards you.


This is me taking a rest out of the crowd.

 Next Historic house was Raynham Hall but no bacon sandwiches as promised or toilets as promised. All sorted in the end as hundreds of people queued for tea/coffee and lovely cakes, also the Victorian toilets (2) were opened up in the Hall for everyone to use. Champagne, available for those who wished.

 Then off to number three Holkham Hall – well worth a visit. House, Café, Gardens and exhibition open to those who wished.  

 George Champ Regions Director And East Anglia Regional Chairman

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