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2010 M3 GTS

If it’s exclusivity and bright orange paint you want then the M3 GTS is the car for you. Made in staggeringly low numbers the M3 GTS represents the ultimate combination of track focused performance in the E90 V8 package.

BMW sent a total of 135 out to customers and obviously all were snapped up immediately. The GTS had a larger 4.4L V8 compared to the standard car’s 4.0L unit, power was also up to 444bhp and 0-60 tumbled to a menacing 4.3 seconds.

As a last hurrah for the E90 platform the GTS is the perfect send off. When compared to the newer M4 GTS it is hard to deny the appeal of the NA V8 engine and the noise it makes through the upgraded exhaust pipes. The car originally came onto the market at around £120,000 and due to its rarity examples are both hard to come by and commanding similar prices.

The noise, the exclusivity and bright orange paint make the M3 GTS hard to ignore and even harder not to enjoy.