BMW Car Club UK

1983 BMW 525e: Stephen Haslam

This stunning car is owned by BMW car club member Stephen Haslam and has been in his care since July of this year. Stephen has always liked the ‘Eta’ and sees it as an affordable classic that hits just the right balance of performance but with fuel economy combined; consider this 525e the economical performance car wrapped up in a Saville Row suit.

The Saville Row exterior is distinguished and carries a certain elegance about it, and out respect for this Stephen feels that BMW have got the styling right on their first try. The only modification he consideres the car may need is perhaps some cross spoke alloys, however he is a big fan of the way the car presents itself and sees no necessity in changing its appearance.

As any active club member would Stephen likes to go on trips around his local region and around the country, and will attend the next Welsh Weekend with his stunning car. A BMW man through and through, and although this car satisfies many of his needs, Stephen says he cannot deny the appeal of a modern i8 or the iconic e9 3.0L CSL in his dream garage. For now, though, this gorgeous 525e is everything he is looking for! We thank Stephen for displaying his car and sharing it with the audiences at the NEC.