BMW Car Club UK

1982 BMW 320: Steve Bostock

The E21 3 series is the first to wear the 3 series nomenclature. This stunning example exhibited with the BMW Car Club is owned by member Steve Bostock who has owned it since 2009. As prior owners go Steve purchased his from the fabled ‘careful lady owner’ who had owned the car for 18 years in Preston.

Since taking ownership of the car Steve has put the car through a full cosmetic restoration using only BMW parts including new bumpers, and we think you’ll agree that the car looks fantastic. The early 3 series’ were lauded for their nice shape, this is something that Steve has noticed as the car always gets many looks and approving glances.

Furthermore his favourite thing about the shape is that it is easy to wash, real world praise that makes owning this car such a pleasure. Cosmetically Steve wants to keep the car as stock as possible, considering his restoration has panned out so well he feels that any non BMW modifications would tarnish this stunning example.

We thank Steve for displaying his car on the stand and hope that you appreciate the effort that has gone in to restoring it to pristine condition.