BMW Car Club UK

1979 BMW 733i: Dave Evans

This 733i should be no stranger to those within the club as it is owned by Central West rep Dave Evans. Dave has owned this particular car since July 2008 and came across this car from a friend. Having always had an interest in BMWs so decided this was a car that he could take into his care and enjoy.

During his eight years with the car Dave has enjoyed a multitude of trips across both country and continent in the 7 series, feeling it is the best combination of quest, fast and high quality German engineering. Such a fan of the car is Dave that he would like to leave it completely stock, no modifications can he imagine making to the car to keep it purely as BMW had intended.

Dave’s dream BMW would be a E9 CSI with a modern engine, drivetrain and brakes: the perfect retro runaround! For every day and trips around the country Dave has found his 733i to be the perfect companion and all the car he could need.

You can meet Dave and see his stunning BMWs at Central West meets with the BMW Car Club GB.