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1974 R90S: Dave Evans

BMW commissioned designer Hans Muthto oversee the R90S, which became the flagship of the Boxer Engined "/6" range. Sporting distinctive two-tone paintwork, a bikini fairing and a new tail, the R90S was intended to shrug off the enduring image of BMW bikes as staid and utilitarian.

In 1974, the R90S was head and shoulders above the rest of the opposition and was the machine that kept the Japanese honest, so much so that many original ideas found in the Boxer design were widely imitated. The R90S does just about everything in a different manner to its competition; its chassis is soft and compliant for a sports bike. While the engine never gets into a screaming rage, and yet the bike as a package is superb in its own right, a deceptively fast weapon for the accurate rider to excel on.

This example is owned by Central West Area Rep Dave Evans and sports the two tone Daytona Orange paint.