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An Extract From the BMW Car Club Website of 2002.

The MPower section that was the BMW MPower Club, now the MPower Register.


Like the Cars, the Club has its pedigree!

The BMW name has been synonymous with record breaking in the air, on motorcycles and vehicle competition generally! The competition history for cars is long and distinguished. From the early days when the Dixi won so magnificently, cars such as the 700 Coupes, 2002's, CSL's have consistently contributed to the BMW sporting image. The road going cars have also benefitted from such evolution. The 'M Power' tag, is not solely a marketing ploy. While it represents the company's sporting prowess in the marketplace, it is based upon sound product development, allied to fitness for purpose. BMW AG for reasons of its choosing, does not make comment upon its notable motor sport history, in the way some marks with a less consistent and significant record do. It seems they prefer that their 'products should walk their talk!' It is therefore with certainty from the owner's view, that 'M Power' cars have pedigree - spelt with a very large 'P'. Or should we say ‘M’

These cars can be driven as daily drivers, or used with spirit, with commensurate enjoyment. How many other family cars can go to the shops, or navigate the Nürburgring, as BMW's "Ring Taxi" does we are advised with four up, in eight minutes, in the dry, eight minutes thirty seconds, in the wet?

The history of the cars is well documented. Suffice to say that the M1 is the spiritual granddaddy of them all. Having set the standard in terms of performance, style, driveability and desirability - the other models effused their own charm upon an eager public. Views on how each model was originally conceived vary, from BMW contracted racing drivers wanting much faster road cars, or wealthy customers wanting faster cars, plying BMW with sufficientDeutsch Marks to make them what they wanted. Whatever the reality behind this, one of the most appealing stories has to do with the birth of the original M5. While the then Chairman of BMW was apparently driving around in a 745i, his security blanket were dismayed at not being able to keep up on the Autobahn in tweaked 728i's. Give us something that enables us to stay with him - they apparently requested. Without much modification, the first version of the saloon car that still epitomises sporting prowess and desirability like no other was born. The M5 had arrived.

While Marketing Departments usually make claims about this new product being better than the old, and BMW's is no different in that respect, it is healthy to remember that 'Marketing' per se is not always correct. There have been marketing disasters in the car world. Therefore, while BMW M's products are always desirable, opinion will remain divided on which models in standard form are the best, throughout the evolutionary life of the same model range. Whichever individual opinions are held, all the cars are 'drivers cars'.

Performance in terms of handling, ride and comfort is whatever one person defines it as being. While the newer cars may be more refined, what is indisputable is the less weight an engine has to accelerate, then decelerate continually, the better a car's responsive nature with attendant feedback to the driver’s senses. While newer production methods we assume permit more efficient construction with weight saving, the newer cars always weigh more! This will be due to either safety measures now required, or the fitting of extras which we are told the public want. The McLaren F1 was a limited production car that ably illustrates this point. With BMW M Power developed engine it is probably the best example of a road and track car (winning Le Mans convincingly in 1995 at its first outing), weighing in at about that of a 'Mini' sized vehicle although delivering 600BHP.

Each 'M Car' has its own appeal. Some attract a following, others remain very capable but perhaps less special! They are reliable every day transport, or are treasured 'oldies', either cherished or used and appreciated. They are the definitive 'everyday' performance car by which all others are judged.


The BMW M Power (Official) Car Club rather like the European M Power Club principally provides driving oriented events. Its socials include 'showing' occasionally, such as at Oktoberfest's, in which case they are part of the parent club activity. Its members have since the 80s participated at events in Europe and in the UK. Its annual "Cannonball Run" is steeped in club folklore. Some other impromptu functions are organised at short notice, usually on a phone call and "are you available?" basis. Originally formed in 1994 by Pat Tremain, a stalwart 2002 member also, the 'M Power Register' as then was grew with a devoted following. The activities the club provides now, have always been available, the spirit of its membership is largely driving activity related, as befits the nature of the cars. Years ago, this Register and the club experienced growing pains that were sub-optimally handled. The club did not benefit from this. The still active membership continued under other banners, the current name most fitting its history, level and nature of activities. The club has therefore been providing driving activities and value since 1994. The picture sections of its website reflect member preferences, and illustrate what it does best - providing member satisfaction! The BMW M Power (Official) Car Club in a sense evolved from the CSL Register which was the representation of the sporting BMW of the era.

We hope you will enjoy your view of our clubs website, and look forward to welcoming all comers at our events.


The driving spirit encompasses all ages, abilities, and both sexes. The spirit of giving to others that is a strength on the personal and social level, translates into free driving advice from those who know how to show and assist without ego. The club is fortunate in having very able people as members whose spirit permits 'a giving of rides' mentality to those newer to the activities. While these people know and drive circuits in the UK and Europe, and their capabilities include circling the Nürburgring, (Nordschleife) in 8 minutes 30 seconds ish, upwards, this is nothing other than a matter of fact statement. The camaraderie that has always existed is alive and well.


While the club helps facilitate driving experiences of differing types, the nature of these is open to member input. All suggestions/contributions are gratefully received. That way, more of us benefit!

While the current use of UK tracks hangs in the balance between the ATDO (Association of Track Day Organisers) and a 'corporate' possibly wishing to monopolise availability of some circuits via other means, this 'state of affairs' amply illustrates why the sections/clubs activities work so well. As with all service providers, there are those who seem more interested in takings, than in providing the best service to the customer. Likewise, the standard of instruction or marshalling can vary significantly.

The club organises 'better driving days' amongst other events. These are marshalled, instructed by people whose ability is matched by a giving spirit. While they may drive laps by themselves, after all it is their car, most offer lifts after a period. Participants also keep a wary eye out, for those who may present danger to themselves or others. As a result of this everybody benefits. Whatever happens regarding the above circuit outcome, the member benefit will still be the same.

General track day providers whilst providing a service, largely are aimed at an (any car, any make, any driver background audience). Therefore since there tends to be minimal if any schooling at many of these events, it is not surprising that the carnage rate tends to be higher at such events. The standards vary, and track-days as opposed to "Better Driving Days" tend to be more open to incident. It is therefore a "customers" choice whether they start off with such routes, or whether they decide to join a club whose history of providing well controlled events is well established.

We hope you the "club viewer" will enjoy the viewing sections of this site. We have certainly enjoyed putting it together for your benefit, as well as the potential benefit of new members.

Special note of thanks!

The BMW M Power (Official) Car Club wishes to express its sincere gratitude to those sources who have contributed material and given their permission for its inclusion on this website. Their generosity has permitted a much wider audience to view these events, which may also serve to entice others to enjoy them in the future.

Thanks are due to the following "members and friends" of the club:


Paul Kelly Tony Whitham


Neil Kirk, Eireen Schmeiser the BMW Car Club - Norway BMW Car Magazine Munich Legends Ltd.

The club also gratefully acknowledges and wishes to extend its continued thanks to those members without whose continued dedication and support its quality of events would be lower. These include:

Driving Event Organisers and contributors.

Gabby Bliss, Brian Bradley David Horne, Mike Milbourne, Tony Paramint, Chris Rossiter Chris Wadsley, Nick Wright Neil Leigh - for invites from the BMW Club. John Morrison - for proof reading the site

BMW M Power (Official) Car Club GB (section of BMWCCGBLtd)

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