BMW Car Club UK

9th October 2015.

Nick has organised an additional trackday for 45 to 50 drivers at Cadwell Park.

As the club trackday budget is spent, he has booked and paid for this on at his own expense, so please ensure that he gets the support that he needs.

As of the 1st September, there are a few places left priced at £139, which must be the bargain of the year.

Its strictly a club members only, but Nick has a few day memberships still available at £10 each.

Nick says:

Just to clarify, Cadwell Park on October 9th is indeed a 'proper' trackday.

It's part of my '20 years as a TDO' initiative The club budget is already spent up with its 6 trackdays this year so I have booked and paid for this one myself. Much like the Oktoberkrofts I did a few years ago this one is the BMW 'Oktoberkad' !!Its a bargain at £139 as well - (The 'com-ops' are selling Cad at anything between £120 and £165 for an October date.), but as you know we offer so much more than they ever can in the terms of track space for the money. So can you please help me out by sharing this message and getting me some bookings. Thanks for looking, Nick