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BMW Car Club Membership subscriptions have remained stable and unchanged for over 20 years. If we were to look at compounded escalation since 2000 of your basic £40.00 membership annual renewal, it would today be £75.00. At £40.00 in 2021 it represents incredible value, whatever you take back from the club, be it insurance savings, discounts with parts and service at certain dealerships, Halfords, Pirelli, and a host of other savings opportunities, together with our world class monthly magazine Straight Six dropping through your letterbox every month.

We regularly review other car club magazines and membership subscriptions. BMW Car Club is seen as a leader, with Straight Six providing its strong editorial content and not just rammed with repeat advertising month after month. We have invested heavily in our website to provide you with digital content and its storefront for anything related to your membership. Please take a moment to review and refresh your personal details, car details, preferred email address etc. Our ability to support your personal needs can only be based on this data so please keep it current.

We both want and need to keep the web platform growing, having recently added the classifieds element. The next initiative under discussion and development is the integration of a BMW Genuine Parts portal together with one of our partners that will make discounted parts available to any member regardless of region, delivered to your door. We are already actively planning some 70th Anniversary limited edition merchandise for 2022, plans for the 2022 BMW Sommerfest are solidifying as are plans with BMW UK for the celebration of 50 years of ///M.

The message (don’t shoot the messenger please) therefore, is that in order to continue to build on our foundation and to grow our offerings to you, our club members, we will need to continue to invest and to do so, we need to make a modest increase across the structure of annual subscriptions and related direct debits to support these investments whilst maintaining our solvency.

Effective from 1st January, the current tier system of membership fees, which includes Single, Family, Overseas, MINI, MINI & Straight Six, and Digital will be increased, not to the dizzy levels of post 2000 inflation, by approximately 20%. As an example of this rise, the average single membership renewal will therefore increase from £40.00 to £48.00. You do not need to do anything now as the increase will only be applied on the month of your renewal.

We want to avoid the complexity of having to deal with odd pennies rather than round pounds, so there are certain levels that will be slightly lower than the 20% to facilitate ease of administration, please feel free to email or call the office if you want to verify how this may affect you personally, Michelle, Lisa and Charlotte will be happy to assist you and to amend or to initiate any direct debits that you require.

Kind regards

Martyn Goodwin

Club Chairman.