E10 Petrol Corrosion Alert

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Protect your engine components from the corrosive effects of ethanol contained in E10 petrol.

From Sept 2021, E10 will become the standard petrol in the UK. Current petrol grades in the UK – known as E5 – contain up to 5% ethanol, with the other 95% being regular unleaded petrol.
This regular unleaded petrol will now be replaced with E10, which now contains up to 10% ethanol content.
If used over a long period E10 petrol can cause long lasting damage to non-compatible vehicles (manufactured before 2011). The ethanol content also has corrosive properties that can damage hoses, seals, metals and plastics within the engine.
At Millers Oils we have developed a fuel treatment that protects against the corrosive effects of the ethanol found in E10 petrol. Simply add to the fuel tank each time you refuel with E10 petrol. Suitable for modern cars (manufactured before 2011), 2 and 4 stroke petrol engines, vintage/classic vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, jet skis, marine, boats, small garden plant machinery and any type of vehicle that requires unleaded E10 or E5 petrol.

Main Benefits
• Protects the fuel system from the corrosive effects of ethanol in unleaded (E5/E10) modern fuels and helps to protect the engine components.
• Carburettor anti-icing formula.
• Compatible with catalytic converters.
• Reducing fossil fuels contributing to lower CO2 emissions.

EPS Ethanol Protection System
Recommended for use in vehicles manufactured before 2011.

Add to E10 petrol each time you refuel.

Available in the following sizes:-
One 250ml bottle treats 50 Litres (1 x 50L tank) of E10 petrol
One 500ml bottle treats 500 Litres (10 x 50L tanks) of E10 petrol

Available October 2021

To find your nearest stockist visit: www.millersoils.co.uk
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Alternatively contact: +44 (0) 1484 713201 for further details.

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