New BMW M2 Rendering Probably Looks Pretty Accurate!

After Frank Stephenson’s brutal takedown of the new BMW 2 Series, we’re going to take a look at a render of the upcoming M Division version of it — the BMW M2. Sort of. This isn’t an actual look at the upcoming M2 but instead a rendering of what it might look like. Although, much to Stephenson’s dismay, this is probably going to be pretty accurate.

A little while back, some leaked photos gave us a glimpse of the next-gen 2 Series front end. Admittedly, it was just a bumper, one which wasn’t actually attached to the car, but it gave us an idea of what the front end is going to look like. If you thought the 2 Series was wonky up front, you’re not going to like the BMW M2.

Instead of the handsome kidney grilles of the 2 Series — which are the best parts of the new 2er’s design — the BMW M2 is going to get a much blockier grille design. Its kidneys feature three right angles, with just one slant keeping them from being perfectly rectangular. The lower front bumper, however, features two perfectly rectangular side air intakes, which flank another, much larger, perfectly rectangular air intake in the middle. It’s as if the only tool used for the front bumper design was a ruler.

While this front bumper would work for Cadillac, whose modern design language is all sharp edges and right angles, it’s completely at odds with the smooth lines of the 2 Series, or any BMW for that matter. If this ends up going into production as such, BMW fans aren’t going to be thrilled.

At the back, the render actually fixes the one of the 2 Series’ biggest problems. On the production 2er, the black plastic panel at the bottom of the rear bumper looks incredibly out of place. The BMW M2 render’s rear diffuser and quad exhausts help to resolve its uselessness.

I’m sure the next-gen BMW M2 is going to be a blast to drive; it’s getting a new, much improved chassis, a better engine, and better suspension technology. However, we might have to overlook the design on yet another BMW to enjoy it. I’m looking at you, M3 Competition.

Credit Article: BMW Blog

Author: Nico DeMattia