On Track with the BMW Car Club Rules of the Day

Sign on
Everyone who attends this event including guests and officials must sign on.
Please try to sign on well before the 08:30 briefing.

Drivers must attend the briefing that starts at 08:30 or earlier if everyone is ready.
Failure to attend this briefing could result in exclusion from the morning session.

No racing
This is a Better Driving Day not a race.
Nothing is timed or against the clock.

No overtaking
Well, not until it is safe to do so, and not until the driver in front lets you through.
You must overtake on the LEFT.
This procedure will be explained at the briefing, if in doubt ask!

No blocking
If you have a car in your mirrors then you must let them through.
When it is safe…move over to the right, back off the throttle and let them past on your left.
(Please avoid the temptation to go faster and stay in front)

Observe the marshals at all times.
We shall be using 5 flags (or lights), these are:

Green:  All clear, proceed as normal.
Blue: You are holding up a quicker car, please let it through.
Yellow: Caution! Drive carefully until the next green flag.
Red: Danger!! Return slowly to the pits or stop if required.
Chequered: End of session. Complete one cooling down lap and return to paddock.

Drive carefully and have fun!