Bag yourself an 850i for Christmas

Modern classics seem to be all people are talking about these days, with good reason, the combination of elegant styling coupled with modern conveniences is an appealing package for anyone. The relatively up to date tech and broad support networks mean that entry into classic ownership through the modern route is less daunting than ever.

Less daunting and miles more entertaining than conventional routes, but we don’t need to tell you that. The fact you’re reading on this site tells us we’re preaching to the choir, or at least the converted. Of the current favourites of modern classics the darlings seem to be the fast Fords but also the 8 series, offering mountains of performance in a stylish package at an entry point that means the enthusiast can have their cake and drive it. 

Prices of the BMW 850i have lifted in the last three to five years, however not so much that you need to panic and buy up all existing stock, click HERE or on the graph below to have a more in depth look at their values. What we can see from the graph of UK auction data below is that prices for the 850i are staying steady at the 15,000 – 25,000 mark, which makes what The Market has for offer even more appealing…. 


This 1991 850i is unique for a number of reasons – its colour, condition and price. Let’s start with the colour. The red paintwork is a welcome change from the more usual sombre metallics that are more commonly seen and suits the car’s aerodynamic lines perfectly. In terms of quality the paintwork is in good condition save for one patina, since the car has been in the Far East there is neither rust nor bubbling on the paintwork to worry about. 


For a car of this age, and for one that is so capable of munching motorway miles this maroon 850i has covered remarkably few. A total of 46,000 to be exact. As such the overall condition of the car is good, the leather slightly worn in but no moreso than one would expect, with the bodywork and headlights as crisp as when they left the factory. 

Which leads us to the price. Given the recent trends in price this car represents somewhat of a steal and bit of a Christmas Miracle. Estimated to sell for between 15,000 – 18,000 and with a reserve just south of this there is a genuine opportunity to bag yourself a modern classic for Christmas. Currently bidding with The Market is at the 4,000 mark but is set to raise in the next couple of days so don’t delay in having a closer look at the car HERE



With The Market, unlike most auctions, there are no buyers fees or hidden VAT charges. Sellers have a choice of two options including a fully managed concierge service. If you’re unsure of the selling option best suited to you, please get in touch with the team HERE