Featured Video: 800bhp V8 E30

You’d struggle to find a BMW fan who doesn’t like the E30 – hell, you’d struggle to find a car fan who doesn’t – but what if you fancy something with a bit more power? This guy has the answer to that question. And how!

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Clearly in love with the E30’s timeless lines and famously balanced chassis, Ross Bradley decided to dramatically increase the power of his BMW E30, rather than settle for something else.

As a built vs. bought story, they don’t get much better than this.

Ross calls his E30 a ‘360i’ due to its Chevrolet V8 engine, that with the help of two turbos, is capable of producing a whopping 800bhp. As if that figure isn’t impressive enough on its own, the E30s comparably light body makes his car a real hypercar baiter, with an astonishing bhp/ton figure.

Often described as the world’s ‘most winningest chassis’, the BMW E30 dominated the touring car circuit in the ’80s, but even those cars will not have run as much power as Ross’s car. Despite this, the ‘360i’ seems to be able to handle the power, as it has been fitted with upgraded brakes and suspension.

While some purists of the marque won’t appreciate an E30 being fitted with another company’s engine, it’s hard not to admire the work that has gone into Ross’s car.

Still, don’t take our word for it, watch the video from the guys at CarThrottle and decide for yourself:

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