The cheapest way into a BMW? This £500 Beemer!

Fancy adding a BMW to your garage, but you’re not especially flush at the moment? Or perhaps you need a reliable workhorse to compliment your other BMW? We might just have the answer for you.

This BMW 318i Touring SE has just gone up on AnyM and it looks a bargain for anyone looking for one of Bavaria’s finest on a budget. 500 isn’t often regarded as much for a car these days, but this BMW proves you can still get a lot for your money if you look around.

Described as in good condition, the pictures seem to back this claim up, with a tidy looking body and interior as far as we can see. Unfortunately the mileage and service history aren’t mentioned, so we’d have to assume the worst on both counts, even so, with a year’s MOT, this still seems a good deal.

A desirable touring model, this car would make an excellent partner to a more sporting BMW, being cheap enough to justify owning two cars, one for the family and a two seater for yourself! Of course the beauty of a BMW is that the 318i will still be a decent drive, with all the precision and finesses of any other E36.

What’s more, the 318’s 1.8 litre M43 engine is both a willing performer and reasonably efficient engine, meaning this won’t be one of those cars that is cheap to buy but costs thousands to run.

Now of course, any buyer should be wary of corrosion, which in the E36 tends to be first found on the wheelarches. So too, a prospective owner should try and gets some sense of what the engine has done and had done to it. Failing this, preemptive maintenance will likely be necessary, such as a cambelt change.

Put simply, we don’t think you could get much more from a car for 500. Sure, you might find a bigger car, but they won’t drive this well and we doubt they will be as reliable either.

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