Featured Photographer: Cool & Vintage

Cool & Vintage – BMW 2002Tii

The 2002Tii is one of BMW’s most iconic models, as the car that broke the US market for the Bavarian company, as well as setting the sports saloon mould for the next few decades of Beemers. But it’s also just as iconic for its looks, a handsome Michelotti design, with bold yet simple lines.

There are few BMWs better for photographing surely then, or at least the guys at Cool & Vintage think so. In the set ‘Barbara and the 2002Tii’ a stunning teal 02, wearing Alpina alloys no less, is joined on the beach by the eponymous ‘Barbara’ for a very seventies shoot.

Oozing, well, cool and vintage style, the pair make for a laidback set of shots, that emphasise the class of this iconic BMW.

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