David Beckham’s E36 M3

David Beckham has a huge collection of cars, ranging from Hummers to Ferraris, Rolls Royces to Mercedes. Beckham’s first acquisition when he hit the big time at Manchester United however, was not a supercar or luxury off-roader, but a driver’s favourite, the E36 M3.

When interviewed David Beckham always said the exclusivity of his cars wan’t as important as their enjoyability – a marked difference to many of the super-rich, who crave rarity – which is perfectly encapsulated in the M3.

Purchased in 1997 just as he was becoming a star at Old Trafford, the M3 was a good choice from Becks, being one of the best cars on sale at the time. Powered by a 3.2 litre straight six, the E36 M3 was classically BMW and was a ‘bar setter’ in the sports coupe class in its day. The personalised number plate, “P10 DRB” – ‘Player 10, David Robert Beckham’ – we’re not so sure about.

Unlike some other footballers to grace the M3, Becks managed to keep his Beemer in one piece, and eventually sold the car seven years later, in 2005. The car is said to have fetched 90,000, which is over twice the 44,000 he paid for it.

Actually a 1996 car, the blue cabriolet no longer appears to be on British roads,having been registered SORN in July 2014. Whether the car is in a garage, or has perhaps gone abroad, is impossible to say.

Today, David Beckham has been spotted in an almost endless list of cars, with a Lamborghini, numerous Porsche 911s, Porsche Cayenne, Jeep Wrangler, Hummer H2, Mercedes CLK, Ferrari 360 and many more featuring. What’s more, the Beckhams have had a go at designing their own cars, with Victoria Beckham being named as part of the design team for the Land Rover Evoque – quite what her input involved, is unknown.

Beckham seems to have enjoyed the BMW despite selling it nonetheless, later buying another 3 series, this time an E46 hard top. Image AutoEvolution.

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