Cadwell Park June 3rd Track Day

Image courtesy of Darren Teagles.

For the second year…our Better Driving Day for all confidence levels.

Bookings for our Better Driving Day on June 3rd at Cadwell Park are coming in nicely. This is a day that recognises that traditional track days are now too intimidating for many drivers and aims to provide a calm on track environment and give participants a day of gradual confidence building… a day to learn.

To help you decide if this day is your ideal opportunity to get on track, here are a few salient points:

  • There will be three groups: steady, intermediate and progressive.. The super quick and race minded will not be there.
  • A powerful car is not necessary. Anything from a 1.1 hatchback upwards will be just fine and it needn’t be a BMW. Licensed road legal cars only, no trailered track day specials, no race cars, and no tricky rubber. Your daily commuter is perfect.
  • Guides will pace and lead laps in the morning followed by free lapping in the afternoon within similar paced groups. There will be safe overtaking rules and hooligans will be sent home!
  • The day will focus on the art of smooth driving, ideal lines with a gradual increase in pace to match your own comfort zone. Relaxation, not tension, is the mood for the day. You’ll learn much more that way.
  • If you’ve fancied an experience on track but been anxious about being out of your depth, no worries here. In swimming pool terms, we start at a depth of 6″ and maybe (and only if you want to) reach three feet! No deep end!
  • There will be a maximum five cars per guide who will be yours all day. Only 15 cars on track at one time, less than half the usual amount.

If your aim is to attend the club’s regular track days in the future, this Better Driving Day is the perfect ice breaker and will give you some of the basic knowledge and confidence you’ll need.

The price of 200 offers great value if you consider the track space you’ll have, the amount of help and guidance you’ll enjoy and the overall exclusive nature of the day. Numbers are limited to only 40 for the day (half that of our usual circuit events) so early booking is recommended.    


Michelle on 01970 267 989 for entry and booking. Or Chris Rossiter 01485 540000 for questions about the nature of the event itself.