Tickets for the National Festival have been on sale on the 10th March.This page has the information on how to order them. Its not all that complicated, but we felt that as its the first time we have tried this, it would be good to provide a guide as to how it works. 

We have had to really tweak our web site to get it to do what is needed, as there are many combinations of different tickets, and it was only when we tried to sort this that we found a few problems. We made it in the end (I hope!!!)

To help you place your ticket orders, we have provided you with two instruction files, one for the members and one for the general public, or non-members. Download them at the bottom of the page,.

So depending which type of tickets you wish to order, please click on the available download file below, and read it through before ordering. It should save you and our office staff some time.

One last thing. Concours tickets are in the Register sub category, and Public Car park tickets for club members are in the Regions sub category.

Enjoy your National Festival

Howard Walker, General Manager.

PUBLIC- Buy your tickets HERE from the 10th March

Members - log in and buy your tickets HERE from the 10th March